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Quantitative Data and Questionning

Match the phrases 1-10 on the left, with the description on the right.

1. Dichotomous These questions have pre-determined answers.
2. Rank-order A question with only two answers.
3. Likert-Scale This question presents respondents with a scenario and asks them how they would respond or what they think the characters should do.
4.Vignette A collection of questions administered to respondents.
5. Open A question which asks respondents their degree of agreement with a series of statements that together form a multiple-indicator or -item measure.
6. Closed Your questionnaire should be designed to meet these.
7. Questionnaire This approach to research emphasizes numbers in the collection and analysis of data.
8. Quantitative A question which asks respondents to indicate an ordering of response items, usually from most preferred to least preferred.
9. Deductive These questions do not have pre-set answers.
10. Research Objectives A quantitative research strategy in which research is designed and conducted with reference to hypotheses.

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