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Word Match!

Katie, Ashley & Kayla

For each of the words on the right, select the correct definition from the list on the left. Write the corresponding number of the defintion next to the word.

1This can have a significant effect on certain student's achievement _____Internalized thought
2Learning occurs when a child develops inner speech AND ______. _____Mastery
3The value that one should contribute to community, consider the welfare of others and share personal and human resources _____Independence
4Has four central values or "spirits" which represent basic human needs _____Missing phrase2 - 8
5This value is closely related to the concept of physchological attachment _____Belonging
6If a student has a low sense of competence, then they have not achieved what? _____Circle of Courage
7Allowing your students a choice in seating arrangements, assignments and projects, is an example of what? _____Stereotype threat
8Individuals construct their own knowledge and understanding of the world through interactions with problems, objects and other individuals as well as past and present experiences _____Constructivism
9A belief in one’s capability to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainments _____Generosity

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