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present tense my friend is ANNOYYING
present continous tense she is washing her clothes while her mom is cooking now
present perfect tense the students have studied with me since early morning
present perfect continous tense khoir has been watching the horor movie for 3 hours when her friends came
past tense wanda is SMART STUDENT
past continous tense aam studies math everyweek
past perfect tense shofi was sleeping while syafa was singing this morning
past perfect continous tense susan had been finishing washing when her mother just swept the floor
future tense i will have taught my students for 3 hours at 10.00 a.m
future continous tense my mother always visits me everyweek
future perfect tense syafa visited her grandma yesterday
future perfect continous tense it a WONDERFUL
adjective  she sings a song BEAUTIFULLY
adverb she is BEAUTIFUL girl
noun phrase she is A BEAUTIFUL GIRL
noun phrase i saw linda was taking my book on my bag yesterday
adverb aam was sleeping while i was explaining the subject yesterday morning
adjective siska runs QUICKLY
adjective susan had finished her dinner before she locked the door
present tense i will teach english subject tomorrow morning
present continous tense my students are singing a song together rightnow
past continous tense my students will have been finished studying for 3 hours when it's at 10.00 a.m
past tense at 9.00 a.m i will be teaching my students in the class
present perfect tense khoir has read the books for 2 hours

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