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Illustrator CS6 Revealed, Ch 3


1attributes _____Lines that can be drawn using the Pen tool.
2average _____Anchor points created by clicking and dragging the Pen tool resulting in a curved path between the points.
3caps _____A rectangular, dotted line that surrounds the area over which you have dragged the Zoom tool.
4corner point _____Define the appearance of the corner when two stroked paths form a corner point.
5direction lines _____Handles at the ends of the direction lines that are used to reshape a curve.
6direction points _____Comparable to a fill; where two regions overlap, a third is created and can be painted with its own color.
7edge _____Command used to align two or more points on the horizontal, vertical, or both axes
8embed _____Comparable to a stroke; where two overlap, a third is created and can be filled with its own color.
9insertion mode _____Lines that are exposed when you use the Direct Selection tool to select a point on a curved line.
10join _____A mode used to add new objects into a Live Paint group.
11joins _____Applied to the ends of stroked paths, and are offered in three varieties: Butt, Round, and Projecting.
12live paint group _____Command used to unite two anchor points when the two points are positioned in different locations on the artboard.
13live paint selection tool _____A group of “live” regions filled with new colors that maintain a dynamic relationship with each other.
14marquee _____Formatting that you have applied to an object to affect its appearance
15paths _____Button used to copy and paste a placed file into an Illustrator document.
16region _____Tool used to select multiple regions in a Live Paint group.
17smooth points _____The place where the endpoints of two straight segments are united.

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