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"JIT" Giving special consideration when rating others to those qualities that the evaluator perceives in themselves.
Locus of Control Assumes people are hardworking, committed, and responsible
Machiavellianism The tendency for evaluators to recall and give greater importance to employees job behaviours that that have occurred near the end of the performance measuring period.
Central Tendency The continuous process of measuring products and practices against the toughest competition and those companies recognized as world-class leaders.
Benchmarking  An impartial third party who hears grievances and makes rulings on them
Theory X A tendency to rate an individual high or low on all factors due to the impression of a high or low rating on some specific factor.
Theory Y Reduces Maslow's theory to three-existence, relatedness and growth needs - and adds a frustration - regression hypothesis, the idea that people frustrated in their attempt to fulfill an unfulfilled need will regress to a lower need's fulfillment.
Extrinsic Feedback Getting a task done right; attaining goal
Intrinsic Feedback Budget that develops out of the previous budget
Delphi Technique Reduction in the workforce and reshaping of operations to create greater effeciency at reduced costs, caused by growth of individuals & new employees, restructuring (various multitasking roles), managing technology (upgrades, link all employees).
Matrix A performance appraisal technique in which an evaluator lists key behaviour that separate effective from ineffective job performance.
Matrix Assessment Calculating the expected value of a particular alternative by weighing its possible outcomes by the probability of achieving the alternative, then summing up the totals achieved by the weighing process.
Critical Incident Group members with hold different views in order to appear in agreement
Similarity Error A system in which inventory items arrive when they are needed in the production process instead of being stored in stock.
Recency Error The means by which informal communication takes place
Douglas Macgregor Budget that makes no reference to previous appropriations; all items must be justified
Abraham Maslow Developed the Motivation-Hygiene Theory and proposed the existence of a dual continuum: the opposite of ``Satisfaction'' is ``No Satisfaction'' and the opposite of ``Dissatisfaction'' is ``No Dissatisfaction''. Eliminating factors that create job dissatisfaction may bring peace but not necessarily motivation.
Validity A philosophy of management that is driven by the attainment of customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of all organizational processes.
Expected Value Analysis Degree to which people are manipulative and believe ends can justify needs
Incremental Budget Intrinsic factors are related to job satisfaction, while extrinsic factors are associated with dissatisfaction
Downsizing Employees are ranked from highest to lowest.
Individual Ranking Bar graph with time on horizontal axis and activities on vertical axis showing planned and actual activities.
Due Process Bar charts used to show the frequency with which something occurs
Effectiveness The ability of a selection device to measure the same things consistently
Reliability Sets up a comparison between alternatives based on weighted criteria
Pert Chart A reluctance by an evaluator to use the extremes of the appraising scale
Gantt Chart A technique for scheduling complex projects - depicts activities and the time/cost associated with each in a sequential manner.
Span of Control Defined as what the customer says the term means
Histogram Assuming an employee is innocent until is proven otherwise giving the employee the right to be heard; and invoking disciplinary action that is reasonable in relation to the offence involved.
Ethics Budget requests are prepared by those who implement them, and sent to higher level of management for approval.
Quality  Specific characteristics held by individuals that allow them to effectively lead others
Grapevine  Proposed the Theory X-Theory Y based on human nature and motivation.Believed that a supervisor's view of the nature of human beings is based in a certain grouping of assumptions.
Critical Path Longest or most time consuming sequence of events and activities in a PERT Chart
Strategic Planning Planning how specific goals will be achieved
Code of Ethics  The number of subordinates a supervisor can direct efficiently and effectively
Tactical Planning Involves defining the difference between what is actually happening and what you would like to have happening.
Motivation Hygeine Theory A leadership theory: proposes that effectiveness depends upon a proper match between a leader's style of interacting with subordinates and the degree to which the situation gives control and influence to the leader.
Reinforcement Theory Rules or principles that define right and wrong conduct
Groupthink The degree to which people believe they are masters of their own fate
Frederick Hersburg Budgets that initiated, controlled, and directed by top management
Trait The proven relationship that exists between a selection device and some relevant criterion
Halo Error Feedback provided by an outside source
Fiedler's Contingency Theory Self generated feedback on performance provided by the work itself
Gap Analysis A structural design that assigns specialists from functional departments to work on one or more projects that are led by a project manager.
ERG Theory A formal document that states an organization's primary values and the ethical rules it expects employees to follow.
Top Down Budget Developed Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory
Bottom Up Budget Establishes overall goals and positions the organizations products or services against the competition; affects entire organization.
Arbitration Assumes people are lazy, irresponsible and lack ambition
Total Quality Management A theory people will exert higher levels of effort in tasks that are reinforced
Zero Base Budget A group decision technique where members act independently but need not be physically present for discussion.

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