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Vocab - Loch Ness Monster


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1Affectionately _____To go and get something.
2Appeared _____A group of things that are similar.
3Burying _____To see something.
4Certainly _____Very strange. Not usual.
5Combined _____Changed or made into something.
6Disputed _____Put together with.
7Fault line _____A place on the earth where you have many earthquakes.
8Glacier _____To place the dead underground and cover them.
9Hoaxes _____The person who is the object of an attack.
10Hump _____To change from one thing to another.
11Intended _____Meant to be.
12Loch _____Small earthquakes.
13Ran _____Without doubt. For sure.
14Retrieve _____A fake story. Untrue.
15Ripples _____To disagree with.
16Scar _____Was shown in a newspaper.
17Series _____A mark left by a wound that has healed.
18Shaped _____Something rounded and curved
19Sighting _____Movement of water caused by something in the water.
20Transform _____A large, thick piece of ice that moves slowly across the land.
21Tremors _____With feelings of love, and kindness
22Unusual _____The Scottish word for Lake.
23Victim _____Become visible

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