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Bones/Bone Diseases/Muscles/Muscle Diseases/Digestive Diseases to Know!!


Biology review thang

skull extends and laterally rotates thigh at hip
rib cage protects the brain and sensory organs
vertebrae not eating a lot (aka starving yourself)
clavicle straightens forearm
scapula autoimmune disease; attacks fluid-secreting lining of synovial joints
humerus shoulderbone
radius and ulna bones deformities; effect of chronic vitamin D deficiency
carpals wrist bones
metacarpals paralysis that can be fatal if skeletal muscles are involved (ACH is released)
phalanges draws arm inward, extends arm behind back, rotates arm at shoulder
pelvis chronically open, inflammed sore at the body surface or body lining; *hole in stomach
femur extends leg straight back; bends knee
patella upper arm bones
tibula supports back bones
fibula deficiency of Vitamin C
tarsals  collarbone
metatarsals muscle and tendon overstretches and tears
osteoporosis kneecap
osteoarthritis fingers and toes
rheumatoid arthritis flexes teh thigh at hip, extends the leg at the knee
strain bones in the sole of the foot
sprain muscles stiffen and can't be released from contraction
biceps brachii eat a lot, then make yourself throw up
triceps brachii decrease in bone mass usually as a result of aging
deltoid protects the heart and lungs
pectoralis major encloses and protects the spinal cord
quadriceps femoris bones in the ankle
latissimus dorsi largest weight bearing bone in upper leg
gluteus maximus inflammation of joint as a result of aging
biceps femoris bones in the palm of your hand
muscular dystrophy #2 killer in the US (haha #2... :) haha)
tetanus two bones in lower arm
botulism draws arm forward and in toward body
anorexia nervosa bends teh forearm at the elbow
bulimia lower leg bone; muscle attachment
rickets class of genetic disorders in which skeletal muscles progressively weaken
scurvey burning pain in upper abdomen
heartburn lower leg bone; weight bearing
ulcer ligament overstretches and tears
diarrhea raises arm at shoulder

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