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Blood vessels/Circulatory diseases/Respiratory diseases to Know!!


jugular veins result of a blockage of brain arteries
carotid arteries carries blood to thigh
vena cava carries blood from thigh
pulmonary arteries the swelling of the tissue due to high blood pressure forcing excess liquid out of capillaries and forming interstitial fluid pools
pulmonart veins infection of the plural membrane
coronary arteries delivers blood to heart
hepatic vein a clot that breaks loose and travels through blood vessels to a new location (clot on the move!! TO THE BATMOBILE!!)
renal artery recieves blood from upper body
renal vein takes blood pumped out of the heart into the rest of the body
femoral artery a clot that forms in a blood vessel and stays put
femoral vein service the cardiac muscle cells of the heart
aorta bacterial enzymes destroy aveolii making them inelastic
atherosclerosis buildup of lipids in teh arterial wall narrows the space inside the vessel
hypertension bacteria is surrounded by a waxy coat
heart attack delivers blood to lungs
stroke carries blood to kidneys
thrombosis delivers blood to brain (and other places)
embolism receives blood from brain (and other places)
edema carries blood from kidneys
pneumonia chronically high blood pressure
bronchitis malignant overgrowth of lung cells
lung cancer person drowns from the inside out (overproduces mucus)
emphysema chronic irratation of the bronchii/bronchioles
pleurisy interrupted blood flow to the heart
tuberculosis carries blood through small intestine and liver

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