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Earth Science Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Mrs. Morris

Read through Chapter 8 and match the term with its description.

1weathering _____is the process that breaks down rock through chemical changes
2erosion _____a layer of soil that differs in color and texture form the layers above or below it.
3uniforitarianism _____organisms that break down the remains of dead organisms
4mechanical weathering _____farmers plow their fields along curves of a slope
5abrasion _____Rock is phyically broken into smaller pieces
6ice wedging _____the measure of how well the soil supports plant growth.
7chemical weathering _____the process that breaks down rock and other substances at Earth's surface
8oxidation _____the process of ice wedging in rocks that deepen and widen cracks.
9permeable _____ruined farmland in western Oklahoma
10soil _____grinding away of rock particles carried by water, ice, wind and gravity
11Humus _____sol that usually consists of clay and other particles.
12fertility _____Form in dry areas where few plants and little chemical weathering occur
13loam _____formed by a loose layer of leaves that have been shedded.
14soil horizon _____a crumbly dark brown soil that is a mixture of humus, clay, and other minerals.
15topsoil _____Iron combines with oxygen to form rust
16subsoil _____farmers disturb the soil and its plant cover as little as possible
17litter _____Forms where it is cold year round
18Decomposers _____the thick mass of though roots at the surface of soil
19sod _____soil that is made up of equal parts of clay, sand and silt.
20natural resource _____often low in humus and minerals
21Dust Bowl _____is the management of soil to prevent its destruction
22Soil Conservation _____Forms in warm, wet climates and maybe low in humus
23contour plowing _____dark colored substance that forms as plant and animal remains decay
24conservation plowing _____range from thick and fertile to thin with little humus
25crop rotation _____a mixture of rock particles, minerals, decayed organic materials, water and air
26Prairie soils _____a farmer plants different crops in a field each year
27Northern Forest Soils _____same processes that operate today operated in the past
28Mountian Soils _____the removal of rock particles by wind, water,
29Tundra Soils _____means that material is full of tiny, connected air spaces that allow water to seep through it.
30Tropical soils _____is anything in the envirnoment that humans use
31Southern Forest Soils _____top soil thick and rich in humus
32Desert Soils _____Top soil often thin because temperatures slow chemical weathering
33Monogahela Silt Loam _____West Virginia state Soil

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