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Testing Vocabulary

Mrs. Hinesely

Testing vocabulary to inprove student success.

 Establish the essential characteristics of.
explain Explain how each part functions or fits into the whole.
data Take a stand and defend one side of an issue. Give facts, statistics, beliefs, opinions, and your personal view.
interpret Provide step-by-step procedure to show how to do something.
infer Set forth the meaning or make something clear.
persuade Missing phrase2 - 0
illustrate Combine the parts into a coherent whole.
sequence Arrange in meaningful order, beginning to end.
trace Show or prove to be right or reasonable.
discuss Determine the value, significance, or worth of.
describe Make clear by citing examples.
compare Draw a conclusion based on given facts; predict, generalize.
contrast Show how the facts or ideas are different.
demonstrate Present a detailed argument or consideration.
evaluate Give the meaning in a concise way using as few words as possible.
identify Present a clear picture of a person, place, thing, or idea.
justify Give clear descriptions of an event, object, or idea.
synthesize Given fact; a known or assumed fact that is used as the basis for a theory, conclusion, or inference.
summarize Show how the facts or ideas are simular.
analyze Present the subject at hand in understandable terms.
define Review in detail, step y step.

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