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Exam 2

Donaldo Bustamante

chromatics An agreement that allows one party to use an industrial property right in exchange for payment to the owning party
chronemics The assignment of jobs so that individuals are given a particular function to perform and tend to stay within the confines of this area
communication In communicating, the distance used when calling across the room or giving a talk to a group
context Bargaining that involves cooperation between two groups to ingrate interests, create value, and invest in the agreement
distributive negotiations An organizational strategy and the accompanying techniques that result in the delivery of high quality products or services to customers
downward communication A business arrangement under which one party (the franchisor) allows another (the franchisee) to operate an enterprise using its trademark, logo, product, line and methods of operation in return for a fee
haptics The process of transferring meanings from sender to receiver
integrative negotiations Any type of cooperative relationship among different firms
intimate distance Communicating through the use of bodily contact
kinesics The study of the way people use physical space to convey messages
monochronic time schedule Information that surrounds a communication and helps convey the message
negotiation The transmission of information from managers to subordinate
nonverbal communication In communicating, the distance used to handle most business transactions
oculesics A structural arrangement in which domestic divisions are given worldwide responsibility for product groups
perception Pushing decision making down the line and getting the lower-level personnel involved
personal distance face to face or personal meetings for the purpose of monitoring operations
polychronic time schedule  Bargaining with one or more parties for the purpose of arriving at a solution acceptable to all
proxemics A japanese term that means "what one really wants to do"
public distance A structural arrangement that handles all international operations out of a division created for this purpose
social distance A person's view of reality
upward communication A structure that is combination of a global product, area or functional arrangement
alliance An overseas operation that is totally owned and controlled by an MNC
centralization he transfer of meaning through means such as body language and the use of physical space
decentralization An evaluation tool used to identify individuals with the potential to be selected for or promoted to higher level positions
formalization The transfer of meaning from subordinate to superior
franchise a group of workers who meet on a regular basis to decide ways of improving quality of work
global area division A structure that organizes worldwide operations primarily based on function and secondarily on product
global functional division A japanese term that means "continuous improvement"
global product division The process of choosing a course of action among alternatives
horizontal specialization A time schedule in which things are done in a linear fashion
international division structure A multinational structural arrangement that combines elements of function, product, and geographic design, while relying on a network arrangement to link worldwide subsidiaries
joint venture The process of evaluating results in relation to plans or objectives and deciding what actions, if any, to take
license A time schedule in which people tend to do several things at the same time and pace higher value on personal involvement than on getting things done on time
merger/acquisition A legal system that requires workers and their managers to discuss major decisions
mixed organization structure Bargaining that occurs when two parties with opposing goals compete over a set value
specialization In communicating, the physical distance used for talking with family and close friends
transnational network structure A management system in which important decisions are made at the top
vertical specialization The study of communication through body movement and facial expression
wholly owned subsidiary  the amount remaining after all expenses are deducted from total revenue
decision making the use of reports and other written forms of communication to control operations
codetermination An organizational characteristic that assigns individuals to specific, well-defined tasks
ringisei A japanese term that means "decision making by consensus"
tatemae The assignment of work to groups or departments where individuals are collectively responsible for performance
honne The use of color to communicate messages
total quality management The process of giving individuals and teams the resources, information, and authority they need to develop ideas and effectively implement them
empowerment  A structure under which global operations are organized on a geographic rather than a product basis
kaizen The cross-border purchase or exchange of equity involving two or more companies
controlling The use of defined structures and systems in decision making, communication, and controlling
direct controls returned measure by dividing profits by assets
indirect controls They way in which time is used in a culture
profit A japanese term that means "doing the right thing" according to the norm
ROI An agreement under which two or more partners own or control a business
quality control circle The area of communication that deals with conveying messages through the use of eye contact and gaze
assessment center distance between people that is used for very confidential communications

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