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More Flying

Mt. Dora Middle, FLA

ESL Beginner's Vocabulary; 7-26

1airplane _____Crosses oceans in the air.
2blue _____You need to move --- in order to get to class on time.
3comfortable _____The color of the sky on a nice day.
4correct _____Monopoly is a board ---.
5course _____Airplanes --- every 15 minutes.
6game _____Dogs like to --- with children.
7golf _____--- is an outdoor's game.
8helicopter _____All planes that fly have to do a ---.
9landing _____The police has a fleet of 3 ---.
10orange _____The student get 9 of 10 questions ---on the test.
11play _____I sit on a --- chair with my cat every evening.
12quickly _____Every sport had a set of --- to follow.
13rules _____The official Florida Gator colors are blue and ---.
14take-off _____Most paper is made in --- color.
15white _____You need to take so many -- to get a degree.

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