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Illustrator's World

Mt. Dora Middle, FLA

Beginner's Vocabulary; 8-26

1artwork _____Many --- are made from natural plants.
2author _____--- is a common item to see on public buildings.
3book _____----are a good place to keep important papers.
4dye _____Do your drawings on the --------.
5illustrator _____Many ---- are done in colored or gray pencil.
6ink _____It takes 2 years of training to become a good ---.
7journals _____Most pens come in red, blue, or black ---.
8pad-of-paper _____opposite of smooth
9rough _____Always keep a --- handy for those rare free times.
10sketches _____Many historical accounts come from ---.
11portfolio _____Shakespere was an --- of many poems.

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