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Jose Molina

Office 1

1insert _____detects and corrects some typing spelling and capitalisation errors for you automaticly
2typeover _____reverses the last undo
3autocorrect _____removes selected text form the current location
4underline _____increases or decreases the amount of the page appearing on the scene
5italic _____allows you to select text to apply formatting changes to copy after it has been keyed
6bold _____prints letters darker that other copy as it is keyed
7select text _____allows you to replace current text with newly keyed text
8cut _____copies the selected text so it can be pasted
9paste _____is active when you open the program
10copy _____underlines text as you key
11undo _____indicates whether the options are turned on or off
12redo _____display the entire page by using this feature
13zoom _____prints letters that slope to the right
14print preview _____places the cut or copied text at an other location
15status bar _____reverses the last change to the document

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