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Arena Ball


Match up the appropriate phrases by placing the correct number by each blank.

1. Goal of arena ball _____Ball is last touched by knee
2. Jump ball _____How the game is started
3. Way to pick up the ball _____Must be given when performing an indirect throw or kick.
4. Way to pick up the ball _____Thrown to you
5. Way to pick up the ball _____The ball is dropped or thrown before the tag.
6. Way to pick up the ball _____To kick or throw the ball into the opponents goal from outside the goal box.
7. Way to pick up the ball _____one handed.
8. Play continues if... _____Any contact with the hands or arms on the ball before it has contacted something other than the ground.
9. A tag must be... _____Trapped between feet and you jump it into your hands
10. A hands violation _____Caught off a wall
11. Indirect kick _____worth 1 point
12. Three steps _____Must be thrown or kicked to someone else before a goal can be scored.
13. Air dribbles _____worth 2 points
14. kick _____illegal
15. Throw _____Kicked from floor to hands

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