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1. Probability of an event C - two or more events that cannot happen at the same time (such as long hair and short hair)
2. Sample space B - theoretically equal chances for each of the outcomes
3. Outcome F - an object, game, or experiment where all of the outcomes are equally probable
4. Certain event A - probability of the event is exactly equal to zero; the event absolutely cannot happen
5. Impossible event I - events that have at least a one‐way relationship or effect on each other (like time of day and temperature)
6. Dependent events E - one of the possible results of an experiment
7. Independent events H - an event with probability equal to one; the event is absolutely guaranteed to happen every time
8. Equally likely G - the set of all possible outcomes of an experiment
9. Mutually exclusive events J - two events that do not affect each other (like day of the week and temperature)
10. Fair D - the number of true outcomes divided by the total number of equally likely outcomes

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