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Phases in the assessment process

Erika and Astrid

You will find definitions of key concepts related to the phases of assessment from Shohamy's multiplism perspective.

1A fundamental phase in the assessment process _____validity
2Agencies follow the effectiveness of programs they support for purposes of__ _____interpretation
3The act of providing ongoing feedback is__ _____reliability
4Language can be defined as structural or__ _____administer
5A procedure in which simulative techniques are featured _____audiences
6In this type of assessment, test takers are expected to carry out real-life tasks _____presentations, role plays
7In this type of assessment language learners judge themselves _____items
8Portfolio, observation, reflection, peer assessment, exhibition and role play are__ _____performance
9They are mostly used for measuring comprehension _____purpose
10They are mostly used for measuring production _____role play
11Examples of items can be__ _____accountability
12Examples of tasks can be__ _____self-assessment
13Individually or in groups, using computers or paper and pencil, formally or informally are different ways to __ _____multiple choice, true-false
14Objective criteria and analytic scales can be useful for determining__ _____tasks
15It provides information about the accuracy of the procedures _____language quality
16It provides information on the extent to which the procedures measure what they intend to _____assessment procedures
17It is a view of assessment in which the total does not equal the sum of the parts _____formative
18A score is contextualized through__ _____performance-based
19The learners, the language teachers, the municipality, the ministry of education or the school constitute different__ to whom the results are addressed _____constructivist

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