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Cyber-Bullying Word Match

Denise DeMattia, Education Coordinator

Listed below are common terms used to describe the various types of cyber-bullying that occur. Test your knowledge by matching the word to its definition!

1Cyberstalking: _____Action taken because someone either offended, embarrassed, or injured you.
2Happy Slapping: _____Deliberately posting information to entice people to respond (often emotionally).
3Threat: _____Spreading gossip through e-mail, text messaging, or social networking sites.
4Flaming: _____An extreme form of bullying where physical assaults are recorded on mobile phones or digital cameras and distributed to others.
5Shoulder Surfing: _____To threaten, frighten, scare, terrify, and to alarm
6Identity Theft/Impersonation: _____Peering over the shoulder of someone to see the contents on that person’s computer or cell phone screen.
7Photo-Shopping: _____Sending angry, rude, or obscene messages directed at a person or persons privately or an online group. A “flamewar” erupts when “flames” are sent back and forth between individuals repeatedly.
8Trolling: _____Editting an image so that the main subject is embarrassed.
9Rumor Spreading: _____An online bulletin board on which individuals can post anything they want. Generally, posts are malicious and hateful statements directed against another person.
10Embarrass: _____Stealing someone's password and/or hijacking their online accounts to send or post incriminating or humiliating pictures, videos, or information.
11Intimidate: _____Various rituals and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group
12Hazing: _____Sending messages that involve threats to a person's physical safety.
13Physical Threats: _____To make someone feel humiliated, discomfort, and shame.
14Harass: _____To pester, bother, stalk, tease, hound, and to be a nuisance
15Bash Board: _____Repeated harassment that includes threats of harm or that is highly intimidating and intrusive upon one’s personal privacy.
16Retaliation _____Making a statement of taking an action that indicates harm to another.

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