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Looking at Evidence

Ancient history information that proves or disproves something.
Archaeologist written and non-written items from the past that help us understand past events and people, and information about what other people have thought about these items.
Artefacts an ancient bound book
Century a period of 100 years
Chronological order a society with a high standard of art, science and government.
Civilisation a source that was created during the period the historian is investigating.
Codex a source that was created after the period the historian is investigating.
Evidence a person specially trained to find out about the past by digging up objects that have been left by previous civilisations.
Hypothesis objects made or altered by people (for example, weapons, tools and ornaments).
Primary source refers to events from about 3000BC to the end of the Roman Empire (AD 476)
Radiocarbon dating a method of estimating the age of an object by measuring the amount of carbon 14 left in organic remains, such as wood, bone, or a fossil.
Secondary source the sequence in which events happened through time.
Sources a theory that tries to answer questions about the past and which can be tested against the evidence given by the historian's sources.

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