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Ling 211 Final Review Match Game

Holly Lakey

This is to help review for the final in Ling 211: Languages of the World. Match the language family on the left with the individual languages that belong to the family on the right. The same language family may be listed more than once -- but each will have a match.

Mon-Khmer Jacaltec
Sinitic Igbo
Tibeto-Burman Panare
Oto-Manguean Tibetan
Cariban Malayalam
Khoisan Arabic
Dravidian Fur
Austronesian Fuzhou
Afroasiatic Nicobarese
Niger-Congo Zaniza
Khoisan Mixe
Mayan Rapa Nui
Dravidian Hpun
Nilo-Saharan Malay-Indonesian
Austronesian Hatsa
Afroasiatic Sandawe
Niger-Congo Jaqi
Nilo-Saharan Wolof
Quechua-Aymara Cantonese
Zapotecan Dinka
Tibeto-Burman Hausa
Sinitic Tamil

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