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Bamboo and Sustainability

Nicola Ford and Anne Harry

Match the terms about bamboo and sustainability with their definitions.

1Bamboo _____The process of limiting our carbon output as individuals and organisations by participating in activities that offset or eliminate our outputs. These could include planting a tree or buying renewable energy sources such as solar power.
2Moso Bamboo _____This is created when the bamboo cellulose is hardened using a diluted sulfuric acid solution, then spun into bamboo fibers and woven into bamboo thread. Used in clothing and textiles do to its durable qualities.
3Bamboo Viscose _____When the manufacturing processes and materials needed in a certain product are used and sourced in a way that conserves the local ecology, avoids depletion of natural resources, and can be reasonably maintained by the community at a certain rate or level.
4Sustainable _____Plants and produce that are grown without the use of irradiation, genetic modification, industrial solvents, non-natural fertilizers, or chemical food additives are known as this.
5Renewable _____The most commonly known species of bamboo. It is native to China and produces bamboo that ca feed both animals and humans alike. Also one of the strongest species and recommended for use in flooring.
6Organic _____When a resource has the potential to regenerate or continue to grow after it has been sourced or harvested.
7Carbon Neutrality _____An evergreen, wood-like member of the grass family. One of the fastest growing plants in the world due to its unique growing process. Its unique growth process makes it one of the fastest growing plants in the world. There are between 1000 and 1500 species in the world.

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