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Nervous System

7th Grade Science

Name:______________________________________ Period:____ Date:_____

1gyrus _____involved in sensing (except vision and audio)
2sulcus _____this structure, along with the brain, makes up the central nervous system
3central sulcus _____involved in critical thinking, movement and speech
4diencephalon _____involved in audio processing
5hypothalamus _____nerves that connect the 2 cerebral hemispheres
6thalamus _____relays messages from the brainstem to the cerebral cortex
7frontal lobes _____contains the thalamus and hypothalamus
8occipital lobes _____controls hunger and thirst, body temperature and emotions (and other involuntary functions)
9temporal lobes _____controls coordination and balance
10parietal lobes _____cerebral bulge
11cerebellum _____involved in vision processing
12pituitary gland _____cerebral groove
13corpus callosum _____separates the frontal and parietal lobes
14sympathetic nervous system _____a quick response
15fight-or-flight response _____part of the autonomic response system; produces fight-or-flight response
16brainstem _____connects spinal cord and cerebrum
17spinal cord _____a reflex bypasses this structure
18reflex _____an endocrine gland that is attached to the hypothalamus
19cerebrum _____activated during extreme situations; causes increased breathing and heart rate and decreased digestive activity

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