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Vocabulary synonyms


Match the synonyms vocabulary words.

1connote _____responsible
2bondage _____thrifty
3fasten _____postpone
4species _____imply
5accost _____living groups
6swarthy _____highly skilled
7insentive _____confront boldly
8vicious _____wild animals
9cataract _____sacred place
10grateful _____wander
11liable _____deserted
12replica _____motivating
13delay _____eye disorder
14hostile _____break in
15vagrant _____hungry
16menagerie _____continuous
17competent _____dark
18adapt _____captivity
19carcass _____thankful
20perished _____dilemma
21interrupt _____fierce
22desolate _____inhospitable
23bestrew _____able
24quandary _____duplicate
25knoll _____lock
26grating _____mound
27scrappy _____died
28economical _____dead body
29shrine _____messy

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