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list of words from chapter

1precipitation _____final stage of thunderstorm
2Bergeron process _____funnel of air touches ground
3collision-coalescence process _____funnel sucks up debris and darkens the tornado
4drizzle _____tiny droplets of water usually formed in stratus clouds
5sleet _____waves as high as 25 feet that hit the shoreline
6freezing rain _____lines that represent constant temperature
7hail _____downward rushes of air that produce high winds or tornadoes
8snow _____raindrop that is blown back into cloud and freezes, can be large
9dew _____raindrops that fall through a layer of cold air and form ice pellets
10updraft _____responsible for most of the light and sound of a lighting strike
11cumulus stage _____starts out as cold-cloud precipitation and absorbs more water as they fall
12mature stage _____most pronounced feature, 10 miles wide, calm and sunny
13downdrafts _____water falling from atmosphere as rain,snow,sleet or hail
14dissipation stage _____tornado that is formed over the water
15thunderstorm cell _____forms when air near the surface of the earth gets cool, water vapor in air condenses into liquid
16insulator _____rotating winds of 23 mph
17stepped leader _____a substance that does not conduct electricity very well
18return stroke _____one updraft system and one thundercloud, one storm can have several cells
19whirl stage _____tornado gets smaller
20organizing stage _____beginning of thunderstorm
21mature stage _____surround the eye wall(edge of eye)
22shrinking stage _____raindrops that fall through a layer of air and freeze when hitting the ground
23decaying stage _____jerky movement of negative charges towards the earth
24waterspout _____line on weather map connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure
25dust devil _____first stage of tornado
26tropical cyclones _____provides meteorologists with data regarding cloud cover and types of clouds
27tropical depression _____part of thunderstorm that produces rain, thunder, lightening or hail
28tropical storm _____rotating winds of 39 mph
29eye  _____tornado is no longer visible and dies out
30rain bands _____weak tornado, small and does not last long
31storm surge _____data from satellites and data on the ground compiled
32Radar _____theory that rain is formed in warm clouds
33Doppler radar _____a current of rising air
34weather map _____theory that rain is formed in cold clouds
35isobars _____analyzes wavelength between outgoing and returning waves
36isotherms _____start in tropics,size is larger than a tornado-100 miles wide, winds 74 mph

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