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Lesson 1-4 Vocabulary Review

Kelly Taylor

licentious morally unrestrained
numismatist dreamily thoughtful
paucity believing that all events in life are inevitable and determined by fate
fatalistic to eat or swallow greedily
obtrude mentally ill; insane
pensive a coin collector
lackadaisical in high spirits; exultantly proud and joyful
alienate uninterested; listless
elated to force oneself into a situation
epigram a narcotic used to cause sleep or bring relief
amalgamate an exaggerated portrayal of one's features
demented a witty saying expressing a single thought
hone to combine
beleaguer to turn away feelings or affections
gorge to besiege by encircling (as with an army)
antiquated a scarcity; a lack
opiate no longer used or useful; very old
caricature pertaining to or constituting a major crime
dally to sharpen
felonious to waste time; to dawdle

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