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Definitions to help speakers speak

Amanda Littrell

This fun and easy to understand puzzle will go over some key terms in the life of a professional, or student, speaker. The terms will help in the process of understanding and creating a speech.

bibliography A test of evidence that evaluates if the source is current enough to offer insight or support for a speaker's ideas
academic periodical A record of all sources you have consulted on your speech topic
recency An activity that encourages audience participation in a presentation
authorship A speech introducing a speaker at some type of special event
manuscript delivery A style of delivery in which the speaker reads from a prepared text memorized delivery: a style of delivery in which the speaker memorizes a text and delivers the speech from memory
extemporaneous delivery A test of evidence that evaluates the identity and qualifications of a source
interaction A periodical that is written by expert researchers for a particular audience that has knowledge about a subject area
interaction technique A speech designed to teach an audience a skill or procedure
training presentation A style of delivery in which the speaker has had some time to prepare a speech and speaks from an outline
speech of introduction The direct involvement between a speaker and audience

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