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Vocabulary Word Match! o3o

Korey Bryant

A word match that comes with a sandwich and a flavored fruit product in a cup! But seriously, it's just a word match.

1Personification _____the beginning and ending of a line
2Narrative _____Missing phrase2 - 8
3Free verse _____Literary work in metrical form; verse
4Stanza _____Missing phrase2 - 23
5Prepositional Phrase _____Missing phrase2 - 17
6Lines _____Missing phrase2 - 21
7Simile _____Missing phrase2 - 25
8Poetry _____Missing phrase2 - 16
9Line Breaks _____Missing phrase2 - 15
10Consonant _____A fourteen line poem that states the poets personal feelings
11Metaphor _____Missing phrase2 - 9
12Rhyme(s) _____Missing phrase2 - 20
13Audience _____Missing phrase2 - 27
14Imagery _____A figure of speech in which a non human thing is given human characteristics
15Sensory details _____Missing phrase2 - 24
16Poet _____Missing phrase2 - 22
17Snapshots _____Missing phrase2 - 26
18Voice _____Repetition of vowel sounds
19Onomatopoeia _____Writing that tells a story
20Abstract nouns _____Missing phrase2 - 28
21Alliteration _____Missing phrase2 - 14
22Assonance _____Missing phrase2 - 12
23Internal rhyme _____Missing phrase2 - 11
24Sonnet _____Missing phrase2 - 19
25Haiku _____Missing phrase2 - 10
26Line break(s) _____Missing phrase2 - 7
27Phrases _____Missing phrase2 - 29
28Rhythm _____Missing phrase2 - 13
29Iambic pentameter _____Missing phrase2 - 18
30Prose vs. poetry _____The repetition of consonant sounds anywhere in words

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