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World War I (The World at war for Four long years.)

Susan Schmitt

"People and events of World War I

Wilhelm II Great Britain, France, and Russia
Archduke Francis Ferdinand ruler of Russia
Triple Alliance Russian socialism called communism.
Central Powers Germany's ruler 1890's
Woodrow Wilson general association of nations to prevent wars.
Valadimir Lenin ruler of Austria- Hungary 1914
Allied Powers Triple Entente added Italy and became Allied Powers.
Vera Brittain USA President declared war on Germany.1917
Fourteen Points Germany, Austria- Hungary , and Italy 1882
League of Nations  British nurse opposed to war. 1893-1970
Czar Nicholas II Old Triple Alliance minus Italy became Central Powers.
Triple Entente  where all resources are owned by the government led by a dictator.
Armistice Novemember 11, 1918.
Communism-Socialistic system Wilson's blueprint for peace.1919

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