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benchmark job element of a job such as a skill, effort, responsibility or working conditions.
total rewards job that is critical to a firms operations
job evaluation Survey aimed at determining prevailing wage rates
compensable factor groups of jobs based on a set of rules for each grade, where jobs are similar in difficulty but otherwise different. often contain non similar jobs such as secretaries, mechanics etc.
classification/grading method reducing the number of salary grades into a few wide levels or bands.
classes integrated package of all rewards
grades Factors are identified the degree to which each of these factors is present in the job is determined and an overall point value is calculated.
grade/group description groups of jobs based on a set of rules for each class, such as amount of judgement, skill, physical effort, usually contain similar jobs.
point method categorizing jobs into groups.
pay grade graphic description of relationship between value of job and avg wage paid.
wage/salary survery written description of level of factors required by jobs in each grade. Used to combine similar jobs grades or classes.
wage curve a rate of pay above the pay range maximum
broadbanding divides jobs into equal value
red circle pay rate  systematic comparison to determine relative worth of jobs to a firm.

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