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Wonders "Unit One, Week One"

Rita Sullivan

Find the word that goes in the box in the following sentences.

blue She had fun _____when it rained.
even The picture was painted __________.
yellow It took ______of them to wash the dog.
help Bob told Jim a ___________.
put She liked the color________
for He hit the ____into the air.
ball Her dad was _______he would be late.
there She waited _________at the doctor's office.
both She went to the store _____milk.
why Dan _______around to see if anyone was looking.
afraid Did he ________him with his math?
depend Our teacher said to sit over ______.
nervously He did not know _____she was sad.
peered Mom will _______on me to do my chore.
perfectly They wanted to _________the little kitten.
rescue The color of the sun is_________?
secret I _______my books on the table.

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