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Mr B's words

a-   pain
ab-   puncture with needle
-ac   Of or pertaining to an artery
acou-   different or as an addition
ad   heart
aden   self
adip   Of or relating to hearing
-al   Of or pertaining to the ear
alb-   gland
alg   hear
-algia   Of or pertaining to the heart
all   Of or pertaining to the eyelid
ambi-   Of or pertaining to eye's pupil
andr(o)   both sides; Describing both of two
angi(o)   burn
aniso-   Of or relating to fat or fatty tissue
ante-   cold
anti-   pertaining to
arteri(o)-   pertaining to a man
arthr(o)-   Denoting something as 'around' another
-ase   before or forward
-asthenia   Of or pertaining to the wrist
aud   skin
aur   Indicating 'slow'
aus   Denoting a white or pale color
auto   burn
bi-   hear
bio-   color
blast   Denotes an absence of
bleph   carbon dioxide
brachi   life
brady   Of or relating to the arm
burs   sac
can   Of or pertaining to the joints
capnia   Of or pertaining to the head (as a whole)
carbia   immature cell or germ
carc   malignant tumor
card   blood vessel
cardi(o)-   shake
carotid   neck artery
carp(o)-   elbow
caus   Different in size ; unequal
caut   'against' or 'opposed to'
cent   blue
centesis   bladder;sac
cephal(o)-   killing; destroying
chrom   pain
chrono   toward - in the direction of
cide   cancer
circum-   away from
co-   time
contra   weakness
core   enzyme
cry(o)-   with
cubitus   center or 1/100th
cuss   twice
cutaneous   cell
-cyte   pertaining to
cyan(o)   against
cyst(o)   carbon dioxide

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