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Explorer Vocab Quiz


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_____________________ to go completely around the world especially by water
_____________________ legends or stories told about heroic deeds told told by the vikings
_____________________ the science of determining a ships location and the direction and distance it travelled
_____________________ a buyer or seller of goods for profit
_____________________ a long narrow portion of land extending out staight into the water
_____________________ a disease contracted by many people at one time
_____________________ a harbor where ships dock to load and unload cargo
_____________________ spanish for conqueror, a leader in the Spanish conquest of America
_____________________ an extention of an ocean or sea into the land
_____________________ a narrow strip of land between two bodies of water
_____________________ a person who teaches his/her religion to others with diferent beliefs
_____________________ a period of culture and artistic growth that spread thoughout Europe in the 14 and 15 hunders
_____________________ a journey made for a particular purpose
_____________________ a settlement of religious teachers

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