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Find all the matches for the types of candy! Licorice, Gummybears, Lollipops, and more! YUM!

Lollipops A twirly squishy candy that can be red or black; it's the candy Twizzlers is
Licorice A candy shaped like a circle with a hole in it that can be hard or squishy
Gummybears A sweet, brown food that Hershey's is famous for
Chocolate A red, squishy candy shaped like a fish from Sweden
Lifesavers A fuffy, white food that's squishy
Marshmallows A sweet hard candy that is usually on a stick
Swedish Fish A minty candy in a shape of a circle that can be striped
Starburst A squishy candy usually in the shape of a bear
Warheads A crunchy chocolatey food in the shape of a stick
Lemonheads A squishy candy in the shape of a bean with jelly inside
Kit Kat A sour candy shaped into different fruits
Jellybeans A type of taffy
Laffy Taffy A taffy-like candy in the shape of a square
Peppermint A super sour candy in the shape of a circle

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