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Murrow Words Semester II

Ms. Tuff

I usually review the words of the week with you. Let's see if you listened and remembered. Match the words to their definitions.

deplete humiliating, discredit
onerous a look
altusim to look in a sexual manner
illusory unselfish concern, idealisric
livid cheerful
precarious all powerful usually refering to God.
exacerbate distant or indifferent
exasperated extreme anger
cajole to lessen or lower a supply of
aloof to lessen or lighten
gander  an expression
denounce deceptive, mislaeding
ogle to make worse
alleviate lacking in safety or security
allay to increase frustration or difficulty
alacrity to put fear, anger, doubt, or suspicion to rest
euphemism to condemn
ignominious burdensome or oppressive having to do with legal issues
omnipotent to persuade by flattery or coax

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