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Forensic Psychology

1Farrington _____Power of majority influence and conformity
2Sutherland _____Experiences of offenders on probation
3Wikstrom and Tafel _____Theory of differential association
4Raine _____Cambridge study into delinquent development
5Brunner _____Cognitive skills programmes
6Daly and Wilson _____Effects of memory structure on judgement
7Yochelson and Samenow _____Police officer's ability to detect liars
8Kohlberg _____Influence of perceived autonomy
9Gudjohnsson and Bownes _____Effect of an expert on jury's perception of eyewitness testimony
10Bruce _____The weapon focus effect
11Loftus _____Past and future of prison policy in the USA
12Fisher _____Restorative justice and its influence on reoffending rates
13Mann _____Moral development in children
14Inbau _____The death sentence
15Gudjohnsson _____Effect of witness confidence on eyewitness evidence
16Canter et al _____Effects of physical attractiveness on jury verdicts
17Canter _____Nine steps of interrogation
18Pennington and Hastie _____The Peterborough youth study
19Cutler _____Organised and disorganised theory of serial murder
20Pickel _____Internal and external facial cues in facial recognition
21Castellow _____Gender-related life expectancy in Chicago
22Penrod and Cutler _____Violence in a family with a genetic abnormality in the Netherlands
23Ross _____Use of acupuncture to treat drug addiction in prisoners
24Asch _____Ability to disregard inadmissible evidence
25Nemeth and Wachtler _____Attribution of blame and type of crime committed
26Gillis and Nafekh _____Impact of community based employment programmes on reoffending
27Dooley _____The case study of John Duffy
28Haney and Zimbardo _____Thinking patterns in criminals
29Mair and May  _____Anger-management courses
30Sherman and Strang _____A case study of a false confession
31Eberhardt _____Field test of the cognitive interview
32Cann _____Development of antisocial behaviour in children
33Ireland _____Unnatural deaths in prison
34Wheatley _____Using children as witnesses - impact of protective shields/tapes

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