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Fatality to increase or strengthen; extra people such as soldiers or police sent to provide help
predicament to compose or perform without preparation; to make do with whatever is on hand
awe a result or outcome; importance
loom to cause to believe something that is not true; tending to or likely to deceive or mislead; an act of deceiving
consequence a death resulting from an accident or a disaster
placid to come together with great force; the act of colliding
treacherous the state or condition of being before another in importance or time
catastrophe a machine or device for weaving cloth
stern a feeling of fear or nervous wonder and respect; To fill with awe;causing feelings of awe
priority something that causes great loss and suffering; a terrible disaster
deceive to cause to relax; a temporary calm or quiet period
lull the rear part of a boat; unpleasantly severe
collide calm and peaceful
improvise not to be trusted; actually dangerous while seeming to be safe
reinforce a difficult or trying situation

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