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clever and funny hist lit reference here

emily veno

get these terms in your brain for tomorrow and then forget them soon after as you dull your finals week stress with lots of alcohol this weekend

1Siglo de Oro _____a second stage set up with balconies and levels (French)
2Autos sacramentales _____king of france from 1661 to 1715, established paris as a cultural center
3Carros _____tragicomedy by Corneille, based on legend
4the red bull _____first professional dramatist! french! too bad nobody performs his work!
5john dryden _____the spanish traditional music theatre genre
6Comedias de capa de espada _____spanish word for raked seats
7societaires _____"the founder of French tragedy"
8pensionnaires _____ground level (audience) of the french theatre
9doyen _____spanish word for gentleman, stock sort of character
10king charles ii _____a period of flourishing in arts and literature in spain, coinciding with the political rise and decline of the Habsburg dynasty
11restoration _____stage wagon things
12george jolly _____1635 calderon play, was staged on palace grounds so that's fancy
13cockpit/phoenix _____a clown or buffoon in spanish comedies
14caballero _____Congreve play, about two happy lovers who need to impress the dude's bitchy aunt if they want to get married
15galan _____spanish word for lady, stock sort of character, damsel in distress
16dama _____founded french academie, 3 musketeers villain
17gracioso _____moliere play about a dude who tricks everybody
18criada _____1635 by gougenot, about putting on a play
19entremeses _____king of france from 1610 to 1643
20zarzuela _____son of executed king of england, was exiled to france when puritans took over, returned and OPENED ALL THE THEATRES OMG YAY
21The New Art of Wring Plays for Our Time _____dramatic representation of the mystery of the eucharist
22Las Mocedades del Cid _____1634 converted tennis court theatre
23The Greatest Enchantment is Love _____French theatre mother/daughter power team, both of them slept with Moliere at the same time, the daughter married him, why hasn't this been a movie yet tho seriously
24cofradias _____head of an acting troupe that rivalled davenant and killigrew
25corrales _____english restoration playwright, wrote All For Love, a neoclassical tragedy in verse
26encenario _____most serious moliere play, has well-drawn out characters like Alceste and Celimine
27gradas _____Anglo-Irsh novelist, playwright, and poet, wrote She Stoops To Conquer which is a pretty good play i think
28patio _____English, he wrote lots of comedies of manners until they went out of style and he didn't know how to write anything else
29cazuela _____ play dramatises the story of Spain’s great mediaeval epic hero, El Cid, who fought in the Catholic ‘Reconquest’ of the Iberian Peninsula.
30ballet de cour _____palace and garden in Paris with a courtyard
31ballet comique de la reyne _____ballets performed at court in France in the 16th and 17th centuries
32hotel de borgogne _____ball and court game that originated in france
33palais royale _____Sheridan's comedy of manners, involves characters like Mrs. Malaprop
34theatre du marais _____paris theatre that first housed mystery plays
35louis xiii _____if u don't know what this is u pretty much missed the point of the british unit but basically it was byeeeeeeeeee puritans!!! hello theatre, praise dionysus, etc.
36louis xiv _____Racine play about Andromache, sequel to trojan women starring annie murphy
37cardinal richelieu _____italian stage designer and machinist, inventor of new stage effects, super techie
38"the rules" _____special seating for women in the spanish theatre
39three unities _____Moliere play, depicts a character who is so intimidated by femininity that he resolves to marry his young, naïve ward and proceeds to make clumsy advances to this purpose.
40jeu de paume _____a critique of a tragicomedy by Corneille published by the academy
41parterre _____public theares in spain
42The Rivals _____two names for one theatre in london. was burned down and then replaced and renamed. drury lane theatre eventually put it out of business
43theatre superieure _____an official member of the comedie francaise...think of it like tenure
44Gaspare Vigarani _____london theatre that existed both before and after the restoration, known for rowdy audiences
45Le Cid _____Racine play, prequel to story of trojan women about the sacrifice of the daughter of Agamemnon
46The Judgement of the Academy on Le Cid _____head of the comedie francaise troupe
47La Comedie des Comediens _____lope de vega's nonfiction work about writing, basically said that people have shitty tastes but writers should cater to them anyway because $$$ fame and bitches
48Andromague _____cloak and dagger plays, involving "upper middle class manners and intrigue", complicated plots dealing with idealized love of a gallant man
49Iphegenie _____spanish word for lady's maid
50comedie francaise _____a more junior member of the comedie francaise
51The Imaginary Cuckold _____large central court yard that was occupied by standing spectators in spain
52The Tricks of Scapin _____short topical sketches in spanish theatre, farces for when the actors had to change clothes between acts
53The Misanthrope _____comedy of manners by moliere, husband thinks his wife is cheating on him but she isn't, like othello, if othello were funny and people lived
54The School for Wives _____spanish word for young cavalier, stock sort of character
55The Way of the World _____a ballet de cour, lasted five hours and had a cast of all women it was basically an ann shanahan production
56Alexandre Hardy _____parametors for a work to reach the neoclassical ideal
57Pierre Corneille _____state theatre of france, has its own theatre troupe
58William Congreve _____"confraternities" that ran the public theatres to raise money for charity
59Oliver Goldsmith _____spanish word for stage
60Madeline and Armande Bejart _____time, place, plot/action

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