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Top 100 Drugs 61-100

Chris Morris

The remaining list

1Premarin _____Amethopterin
2Humalog _____Prednisone
3Combivent _____Hydrochlorothiazide
4Diovan _____Amethopterin
5Valium _____Lisinopril
6Methotextrate _____Simvistatin
7Trexall _____Insulin Lispro
8Estrace _____Fluconazole
9Xalatan _____Albuterol Sulfate
10Ativan _____Bupropion HCl
11Zestril _____Methylprednisolone
12Prinivil _____Potassium Chloride
13Wellbutrin _____Ezetimibe/Simvastatin
14Zyban _____Fexofenadine
15Klor-Con _____Mometaxone Furoate
16Slow-K _____Acetaminophen Codeine
17Allegra _____Sertraline HCl
18Proventil HFA _____Diazepam
19Ventolin _____Ciprofloxacin
20ProAir _____Pantoprazole Na
21Levoxyl _____Citalopram HBr
22Synthroid _____Ipratropium Br/Albuterol Sulfate
23Tylenol #3 _____Norgestimate EE
24Medrol _____Exetimibe
25Actonel _____Norgestimate EE
26Celebrex _____Lorazepam
27Flomax _____Celecoxib
28Keflex _____Potassium Chloride
29Glucophage _____Tamsulosin HCl
30Zetia _____Bupropion HCl
31Effexor _____Fluticasone Proionate/Salmeterol
32Diflucan _____Metformin HCl
33Deltasone _____Valsartan
34Cymbalta _____Cephalexin
35Tircor _____Venlafaxine HCl
36Advair _____Albuterol Sulfate
37HydroDiuril _____Levothyroxine Na
38Zocor _____Conjugate Estrogen
39Levaquin _____Dospirenone/EE
40Protonix _____Fenofibrate
41Norvasc _____Risedronate Na
42Cipro _____Lisinopril
43Vibramycin _____Albuterol Sulfate
44Vytorin _____Levoflaxin
45Yasmin _____Estradiol
46Celexa _____Levothyroxine Na
47Nasonex _____Penicillin V
48Zoloft _____amlodipine besylate
49Trinessa _____Lantanoprost
50Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo _____Duloxetine HCl
51Veetids _____Doxycyline Ca
52Pen Veek _____Penicillin V

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