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Pharmacy Abbreviations Pt 2

Chris Morris

No description

1supp _____four times per day
2gtt(s) _____at night
3emuls _____four time a day
4elix _____suppository
5ex aq _____every day after noon
6bol _____every other hour
7qds _____every
8rep _____once per day
9qqh _____drop(s)
10tds _____morning, before noon
11tid _____emulsion
12ac _____every morning/before noon
13am _____2 times per day
14noct. _____every other day
15bt _____elixir
16hs _____single large dose
17pc _____3 times per day
18qpm _____after meals
19qam _____2 times per day
20pm _____every (number) hours
21tiw _____bedtime
22qad _____every day
23q _____three times per week
24prn _____every other day
25opd _____every 4 hours
26non rep _____at bedtime
27bid _____do not repeat
28atc _____repeat
29alt h _____around the clock
30q ## h _____as needed
31qid _____before meals
32qd _____afternoon or evening
33qod _____every night at bedtime
34qhs _____with water

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