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Pharmacy Abbreviations Pt. 1

Chris Morris

No description

1bucc _____without
2as _____minimum
3ad _____with
4tabs _____intraveneous
5aq _____as directed
6vag _____ampule
7amt _____lotion
8dc _____with
9cc _____tincture
10dil _____right eye
11daw _____amount
12O/ (zero with line through it) _____dispense as written
13ud/ut.dict. _____sufficient quantity
14IV _____water
15m _____subcutaneous
16div _____suspension
17fl _____label it as/directions
18disp _____left eye
19dw _____blood sugar
20id _____right ear
21inj _____distilled water
22h/hr _____inside cheek
23im _____both eyes
24IVPB _____apply
25m/min _____both ears
26NTE _____with food
27o _____apply as needed
28nebul _____dispense
29mist _____cubic centimeter
30sig _____bowel movement
31w/ _____immediately
32x _____ointment
33w/o _____syrup
34agit _____without
35amp _____tablets
36bm _____mix
37c (with line over top) _____divide
38bs _____in the muscle
39tr/tinc _____in the skin
40syr _____capsule
41troche _____injection
42ung _____agitate
43a/app _____hour
44os _____under tongue
45au _____dilute
46od _____topical
47wf _____with
48cap _____not to excee
49stat _____vaginally
50po _____times
51aaa _____left ear
52ou _____discontinue
53pr _____rectal
54sc/subc _____fluid
55top _____lozenge
56sl _____IV piggy back
57R _____by mouth
58susp _____mix
59qs _____nebulizer
60lot _____by rectum

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