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Math for Pharmacy Technician

Chris Morris

11 grain _____100
2a/b = c/d _____C2V2
31 oz _____10 g dextrose/ 100 mL H2O
4ratio _____proportion
52.2 lbs _____500
6I _____1/2
7V _____g/mL
8X _____30 mL
9ss _____m^2
10M _____5 g dextrose / 100 mL H2O
11C _____gtts/ min
12L _____5
13D _____1
1416 oz _____15.4 gr
151 lb _____480 mL
161 pt _____1 kg
171 g _____5 g dextrose & 0.9 g NaCl/ 100 mL H2O
181 fl oz _____15 mL
191 tsp _____kg/m^2
201 tbsp _____g/100 g
21w/w _____1 lb
22v/v _____454 g
23w/v _____5/9 (F -32)
24normal saline NS _____28.4 g
25Celcius _____45.5 + 2.3( inches over 5') in kg
26Specific Gravity _____calculate parts of High % and parts of low %
27Fehrenheit _____mL / min
28C1V1 = _____10
29Body Surface Area _____50
30Ideal Body Weight female _____50 + 2.3(inches over 5') in kg
31Ideal Body Weight Male _____5 mL
32Body Mass Index _____0.9g NaCl/ 100 mL H2O
33D5W _____1000
34D5NS _____(9/5*C) + 32
35D10W _____mL/100 mL
36Alligation Method _____g/100 mL
37IV flow rate _____65 mg
38Drops per min _____a/b; a:b

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