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Thigmotropism one organism benefits and the other is neutral
Coevolution Only 10% of the energy is obtained when eating another organism and the rest is lost as heat
Trophic level when two different species become similar
Ribosome the maintenance of stable internal conditions in spite of changes in external conditions (both active and passive transport)
Passive transport makes ribosomes
Geotropism when two similar species become different
Phototropism live long lives, nurture young. Ex: human
Diffusion mutation in which a single base pair is added or deleted from DNA
Commensalism cell does NOT use energy in cell transport. Ex: Osmosis, Diffusion, faciliated diffusion
Prokaryote one level of energy. Ex: Primary consumer
osmosis are proteins, weaken bonds which lower activitation energy, are specific for what they will catalyze, are reusable
Biotic Factors includes bacteria & lacks a nucleus or organelles
Nucleolus random movement from high to low, (facilitated diffusion- uses proteins)
Hypotonic Solution  starts without soil
Divergent evolution plants respond to touch
Hypertonic Solution is the change in a single base pair in DNA
Catalyst begins in a place that already has soil
Enzymes Bonds with enzyme
Mutualism plant responds to sunlight
Succession accelerates a reaction
10% rule 1) all organisms are composed of 1 or more cells. 2) cell is basic unit of organization of organism. 3) all cells come from preexisting cells
Eukaryotes have a nucleus and organelles like plants, fungi & animals
Isotonic provide energy, Buliding Block: monoccharide, Ex: starch(bread)
Gradualism break down food and worn out cell parts
Active Transport (part of osmosis) cell expands because water moves in until cell bursts
Nucleic Acid one organsim benefits and the other dies
Two main types of proteins small, live short lives, don't nurture young
Endocytosis changes to new species are slow and gradual
Abiotic Factors Makes food energy into chemical energy
Exocytosis Genetic makeup and traits, Building Block: nucleotides, Ex: DNA or RNA
Lysosome "protein factories"
Convergent evolution cell uses energy in cell transport, movement from low to high Ex: protein pumps, endocytosis, exocytosis
ATP energy
Levels of organization the process where two unrelated species depend on one another
Protein Pumps  peripheral memebrane proteins, and integral membrane proteins
R strategist diffusion of water
Frameshift Mutation Competitive (block the substrate), Noncompetitive (binds to enzyme which makes it change shape)
Protein ( form of active transport) transport proteins that requires energy to do work
Substrate in the cell membrane, only allows certain things to pass because of the 2 layers of phospholipids
Parasitism (form of active transport) taking bulky material into a cell
Punctuated Equilbrim Both organisms benefit
Homeostasis 6CO2+6H20-C6H12O6+6O2
Primary Succession (part of osmosis) water moves in and out of the cell
Phospholipid all the living organisms that inhabit an environment
Photosynthesis Formula forces material out of a cell in bulk
Lipid changes to new species appear to be sudden, followed by little or no change
Mitochondria regulatory and movement, Building Block: Amino Acid, Ex: Hair and nails
Point Mutation has a polar head & two nonpolar tails
Secondary Succession One organism benefits and the other does not
K strategist plant responds to gravity
Enzyme Inhibitors gradual changes in the types of species that live in an area, can be primary or secondary
Predation atom, molecule, organelle, cell, rissue, organ, organ system, organism, population, community, ecosystem
Carbohydrates non living parts of an organisms life
Selective Permability protect against heat, Building Block: Triglycerides, Ex: oil, waxes
Cell Theory (3) (part of osmosis) water moves out of the cell, therefore shrinking the cell

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