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Unidad 4, Etapa 1


Place the number or letter in front of the Spanish vocabulary word to match with its equivalent.

____el aeropuerto y. could you tell me where is
____la carniceria 21. to be in a specific place, to agree on
____el centro a. the airport
____el centro comercial k. the stationery store
____el correo 25. for, by, around
____la estacion de autobuses 3. of course
____la iglesia l. the pastry shop
____la joyeria g. the church
____la libreria q. the road
____la panaderia 27. to travel
____la papeleria 12. behind
____la pasteleria j. the bakery
____la plaza h. the jewelry store
____la tienda de musica y videos b. the butcher shop
____la zapateria 6. to cross
____la calle 22. the thing
____el camino o. the shoe store
____a pie s. the bus
____el autobus 13. to turn
____el avion 11. from
____el barco c. the center, downtown
____el metro 17. until
____el tren 19. next to
____perdon(a)e como llego a e. the post office
____puede(s) decirme donde queda n. the music and video store
____queda lejos m. the town square
____aca/ aqui 1. here
____alla/ alli 18. to the left
____como no r. on foot
____lo siento z. is it far
____cerca de 7. the street block
____cruzar d. the mall
____la cuadra 15. between
____delante de 26. to leave, exit
____a la derecha de 14. in front of
____derecho 28. the trip
____desde x. pardon, how do I get there
____detras de 10. straight ahead
____doblar p. the street
____enfrente de 23. to say
____entre t. the airplane
____la esquina 20. far from
____hasta w. the train
____a la izquierda f. the bus station
____al lado de 24. to drive
____lejos de 9. to the right of
____quedar en 4. I'm sorry
____la cosa u. the ship
____decir 2. there
____manejar 8. in front of
____por 5. near
____salir 16. the corner
____viajar i. the book store
____el viaje v. the subway

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