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1Political Party _____Eric holder
2Presidential Primary _____the system whereby each delegate's vote has a value in proportion to the number of people he represents
3Open Primary _____Citizens gather locally to debate the issues and vote for delegates that represent national candidates.
4Closed Primary _____Participation, Education, Agenda Building
5Caucus/Convention System _____A political system dominated by two major parties that compete with each other for control of government.
6Two Party System _____The authority of the court to hear the case in the first instance.
7Multiparty SysteM _____Voting system that permits citizens to choose the Party primary of their choice without party identification.
8Party Id _____Pro-Labor, Regulate Market Gov’t Program, Social Programs, Civil Liberties, Diplomatic/Internationalism, Alternative Lifestyles, Equality > Freedom > Order
9Independent Voter _____Those interest groups that are nonpartisan and they have no economic interest in the policies that they pursue.
10Split Ticket Voting _____The percentage of the voting age population that actually vote.
11Straight Ticket Voting _____the winner has one more vote than anyone else.
12"The Progressives" _____Campaign organization for an interest group
13Third Party _____An organization that recruits candidates to compete in free elections for the vote of citizens in order to capture control of government.
14Divided Government _____A person who is not a party to contract or a transaction, but has an involvement.
15Democracts _____One person is one vote; broad majority of the population have voting rights.
16Republicans _____The party who must respond the charges. John (pantiff) vs Williams (Defendant)
17Electoral System _____The doctrine allowing the Supreme Court to review the overturn decisions made by congress and the President.
18Mid-Term Election _____Upper middle class and intellectual break away from the Republican Party in the early 1900’s.
19Partisan Elections _____The system of voting in which voters make their choices in privacy on uniform ballots printed and distributed by the government to designate their choices by some other secret means.
20Non-Partisan Elections _____The officially registered agent of an interest group.
21Political Equality _____Fine, imprisonment, execution misdemeanors
22Secret Ballot _____Candidate runs with Party affiliation (national, statewide) biased supporter; a strong supporter of a person group or cause especially one who does not listen to other people’s opinions.
23Majority Rules _____Laws that designate certain types of action as an offense against society.
24Plurality Rule _____Party who files charges
25Voter Turn-Out _____discretion to set agenda
26Gender Gap _____One federal judiciary and 50 independent state judiciaries.
27Interest Group _____the court of original jurisdiction
28Interest Group Functions _____The concept of American jurisprudence that assume justice is the product from the contest of two opposing views.
29Political Parties _____Pro-Business, Free Market, Self-Reliance, Law and Order, Stronger Military/Nationalism, Religious/Family Values, Order > Freedom > Equality
30Public Interest Group _____A category of law that regulates relations between individuals and groups.
31Single Issue Interest Group _____Constitutional, Statutory, Administrative, Judge made law (Case Law)
32(PAC) _____focus on advocacy around a single defining issue such as abortion, taxation, and animal rights.
33Lobbying Direct _____An aggregate of individuals who share some common characteristic and organize in order to prevent a collective demand on government.
34Lobbying InDirect _____A primary election in which each state selects delegates to attend a National Party Convention that nominates candidates for President and Vice President.
35Lobbyist _____a voter who does not have long-standing loyalty to, or identification with, a political party.
36Bloc-Voting _____The winner has 50% plus one of the votes.
37Common Cause _____An organization that recruits candidates to compete in free elections for the vote of citizens in order to capture control of government.
38Duel Court System _____not face-to-face
39Adversarial System _____superior minority
40JurisdictioN _____The set of specific rules and regulations that govern the voting process.
41Adjudication _____The authority of the Court to hear and decide particular types of cases.
42US Supreme Court _____face-to-face
43District Court _____More than 1 parties competing for control of government.
44US Court of Appeals _____A psychological attachment of voters to a particular political party.
45Chief Justice _____a ballot on which not all votes have been cast for candidates of the same party.
46Attorney General _____Common Cause was adopted by a liberal lobbying group, and it means to unite one's interest with another's.
47Principle of Hierarcy _____An authoritative legal statement that regulates some area of social interaction.
48Jurisdiction Original _____John Roberts
49Apellate Jurisdication _____A situation that occurs when one party controls the Presidency and the other controls one or both houses of Congress.
50Civil Law _____To resolve a dispute by legal means.
51Criminal Law _____The difference between men’s and women’s voting rates for either a democratic or republican candidate.
52Felony _____The congressional elections that take place midway through a presidents four year term.
53Plaintiff _____Candidate that runs without a party affiliation (local)Remind someone to exercise their vote regardless of which candidate they choose.
54Defendant _____Citizens must indicate at the time of voter registration their party identification.
55Judicial Review _____The authority of a superior court to review the work of lower and inferior courts.
56Law _____is an option on a ballot which selects all candidates on that party’
57Law (charactersitics) _____AR is 3th circuit

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