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Unidad 4, Etapa 3


Match the Spanish vocabulary with the English equivalent by placing the letter/number in front of the Spanish vocabulary word.

____mas que X. to choose
____mayor que R. worse than
____mejor que 33. cashier
____menor que H. how does it fit you
____menos que  13. to get dressed up
____peor que 27. scarf
____tanto(a,os,as) como 10. it is not certain that
____tan...como 4. open
____tanto como T. it is not certain that
____dudar que G. can you help (wait on) me
____no creer que 24. high-heeled shoe
____no es cierto que 26. ATM
____no es seguro que L. perhaps
____no es verdad que M. to hope that
____quizas B. cash register
____tal vez 6. to annoy
____alegrarse de que 28. in a good/bad mood
____fastidiar 3. as...as
____sentir...que Y. as much/many as
____esperar que 14. scarcely
____guardar D. more than
____molestar 8. as much as
____sorprender 16. wide
____tener miedo U. closed
____abierto(a) 5. to bother
____cerrado(a) 34. savings account
____tacano(a) J. a pair of
____el/le dependiente(a) Q.to be worth
____escoger 32. traveler's checks
____valer S. maybe
____la talla  A. less than
____un par de C. to dress oneself
____la caja registradora  11. tight
____vestirse P. it is not true that
____como me veo 30. to save
____como te queda 12. to be afraid
____me puede entender W. to hold, to keep
____ancho(a) 18. to match with
____apretado(a) V. to not believe that
____arreglarse 19. vest
____el chaleco 22. suit
____apenas 7. to surprise
____estrecho(a) F. younger than
____flojo(a) 17. loose
____hacer juego con E. how do I look
____oscuro(a) 31. to lend
____el penuelo O. the size (clothing)
____las rayas A. to be glad that
____sencillo(a) K. better than
____el traje 29. the loan
____el zapato de tacon Z. stingy
____el cajero automatico 15. narrow
____de buen/ mal humor 25. simple
____los cheques de viajero 9. to be sorry that...
____la cuenta de ahorros 2. salesperson
____el prestamo I. older than
____prestar 20. dark
____ahorrar 21. stripes
____el/la cajero(a) 23. open
____los gastos N. to doubt that

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