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Level 2 Terms and Signs

Jim Walsmith

This quiz corresponds to FJH Adult Piano Adventures Level 2.

14th _____spans four letter names
25th  _____G Major
36th  _____from the top to the Coda
4one sharp _____I-IV-V7
5two sharps _____spans five letter names
6tempo _____A B form (two parts)
7binary form _____spans six letter names
8allegro moderato _____D Major
9transposition _____the speed of the music
10pianissimo _____no sharps or flats
11ledger lines _____one flat, B-flat
12d.c. al coda _____short lines added above or below the staff
13C Major _____playing the same music in a different key
14F Major _____very soft
15phrase _____a musical idea, often indicated by a long slur
16primary chords _____moderately fast

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