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Level Two Terms and Signs

Jim Walsmith

This quiz corresponds to FJH Adult Piano Adventures Level 2.

1imitation _____the IV chord, or the fourth degree of the scale
2swing rhythm _____ no sharps or flats
3crescendo _____the root of the chord is on the bottom
4F chord in F Major _____a colorful Spanish dance
5C chord in F Major _____play the 8th notes in a long-short pattern
6subdominant _____the leading tone is raised one half step
7malaguena _____tonic chord
8ii, iii, vi _____a 17th century French dance
9root position _____a broken chord accompaniment pattern
10first inversion _____the root of the chord is on the top
11gavotte _____gets 1/2 beat
12eighth rest _____the seventh degree of the scale
13syncopation _____occurs when notes are accented between the beats
14Alberti bass _____the immediate repetition of a musical idea in a different "voice"
15arpeggiated chord _____bright, happy
16A Minor _____dominant chord
17minor keys _____play the notes or the chord quickly from bottom to top
18major keys _____mysterious, sad, scary
19harmonic minor _____gradually louder
20leading tone _____the minor chords in any major key

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