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wisconsins basins

Lake Superior 29 watersheds; charactertized by agricultural activity throughout basin with intensive row cropping in central sands region. one of largest and most diverse arrays of surface water systems in the state
St. Croix Consists of 18 watersheds
Upper Chippewa unique and rare aquatic habitat. over 400 miles of trout streams, many natural channel streams
Upper Wisconsin predominant land uses are agriculture, dairy, cash-cropping, and forestry. DNR owns and manages over 50,000 acres of public conservation and recreation lands in the Basin. Basin's economy is based on tourism
Wolf River all streams drain to Winnebago; basin is very diverse with land use, geomorphology, and biology. all aspects affected by socioeconomic impacts of fast growing communities in the basin. agriculture, urban, recreation land, and forests are major land uses that affect the basin
Green Bay sustain a wide range of plant and animal life. focus on restoring and balancing natural resources
Lower Chippewa basin drained by a highly dendritic network of primarily cold, groundwater fed streams
Black River/Buffalo-Trempleau wide range of plant and animal life and a wide range of quality. provided a general blueprint for managing resources within a context of shared responsbility
Central Wisconsin contains 34% of all states named and unnamed lakes and 22% of total lake acreage
Lower Fox divided for management purposes; provides significant habitat, recreation, navigation and it is a great resource for Wisconsin people
Twin-Door-Kewaunee bounded by Niagara escarpment and terminal moraine. Geological feature-drumlin trails. productive and fertile soils
Bad Axe Lacrosse sculpted by glaciers and dominated by Niagara limestone formation. Tourism, manufacturing and agriculture dominate ecomony. water rich basin with lakes, rivers, and streams
Lower Wisconsin contains more rare species and more native prarie than any area of comparable size in Wisconsin
Upper Fox Native Americans used to live here because of the outstanding land, water, and wildlife resources. Today, prarie and oak savannas are gone, 50% of wetlands have diminished, most forests have been cut down for agriculture. agriculture dominates land use
Manitowoc 137,000 people 485,000 cattle/calves. landscape and economy dominated by agriculture
Sheboygan one of WI's most urbanized and industrialized runoff; water quality problems. basin contains rich farmland
Milwaukee 7 watersheds; 500,000 people. streams are considered full of fish and aquatic life which means they are capable of meeting water quality standards
Upper Rock special area of the state. has abdundant streams, lakes, wetlands, and wildlife. It is popular; goes through 5 ecological landscapes
Grant/Platte-Sugar/Pectonica water quality considered generally good; good sport fishery and trout waters. DNR lacks info for over 2000 miles
Lower Rock River largest expanse of fresh water in the world; clear cold and deep
Fox Illinois area was scuplted by the glaciers and is dominated by the Niagara limestone formation. Tourism, manufacturing and agriculture dominate the economy. close proximity to urban center is putting a big stress on natural resources
SE-Root Pike Wide range of plant and animal life. southeastern quater holds 90% of basins populations. 6 watersheds; focus on restoring natural resources

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