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Pentecost Match Puzzle

Stefanie Vance

Twelve The Jewish word that means "Praise God!"
Mary A Jewish festival that happens 50 days after Passover
Peter Baptized on the day of Pentecost
Holy Spirit Peter spoke in this way to the crowd at Pentecost
Judas It is the best way to talk to God
Fire Came down upon the Christian believers at Pentecost
Bible Tells the story of God's love for His creatures
Prayer The number of Apostles together at Pentecost
3,000 Was praying in the Upper Room on Pentecost
Alleluia The Apostle who helped arrest Jesus
Wisdom The Holy Spirit sometimes appears in this way
Love the Leader of the Apostles and the first pope of the Church
Boldness A fruit of the Holy Spirit
Pentecost A gift of the Holy Spirit

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