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LI, Unidad 2, Etapa 2


Match the Spanish vocabulary word with the English equivalent.

_____el almuerzo 21. during the morning
_____la cita s. what
_____el horario c. to buy
_____comprar 41. french fries
_____descansar l. at o'clock (plural)
_____estar 48. a glass of
_____terminar 13. in the night
_____tomar 24. midnight
_____a que hora es 49. to go
_____que hora es 5. the schedule
_____a la x. to rest
_____a las m. it is (singular)
_____es la 20. the clock
_____son las 45. the library
_____de la manana y. it is (plural)
_____de la noche 15. in the morning
_____de la tarde o. to, before
_____la medianoche 39. do you want to eat
_____el mediodia 10. at what time is
_____menos d. to finish
_____por la manana 33. where
_____por la noche i. during
_____por la tarde 32. who(plural)
_____el reloj 12. at o'clock (singular)
_____y cuarto h. the truth
_____y media 36. who(singular)
_____adonde 30. which one
_____como n. during the afternoon
_____cual 43. do you want to eat
_____cuales g. the snack
_____cuando 42. the sandwich
_____donde 34. why
_____por que q. quarter past
_____que 9. what time is it
_____quien a. to be
_____quienes p. to where
_____quieres beber u. the water
_____quieres comer 27. half past
_____quiero beber 28. when
_____quiero comer 23. during the night
_____el agua 6. to drink/ to take
_____la merienda r. how
_____las papas fritas t. the lunch
_____el refresco 46. do you want to drink
_____la torta 51. the refreshment
_____el vaso de v. to the
_____ir  37. do you want to drink
_____al f. please
_____la biblioteca j. the appointment
_____durante 25. which ones
_____por favor 17. the clock
_____la verdad 18. mid day

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